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XCMG 7 ton Wheel Loader LW700KN
LW700KN is XCMG's latest generation 7t loader product applied with XCMG’s exclusive globalized platform technology, with the comprehensive leadership in the fields of energy-conservation, efficiency, reliability, comfort, and maintainability. The corresponding models are designed respectively for the hard heavy materials (such as ores) and light bulk materials (such as coal) to realize the best productivity and are extensively applicable for the production organizations in ports, mines, and logistics enterprises. 

Performance advantages:
* Higher power performance and efficiency, with maximum breakout force at 210kN, boom lifting time at ≤6.5s, and total cycle time at ≤11s.
* Coal loader: The 6.0m3 light material bucket works with extended boom to realize a dumping height of up to 3.5m.
* Mine loader: The 3.5m3 mine bucket specially handles the hard materials (such as rock), featuring high wear resistance and higher reliability.

Model Characteristics:
* The latest cab features higher safety, broader visual field, and more comfortable operations.
* The scientifically matched and in-depth optimized drive system and the transmission and drive axle of international advanced quality achieve higher efficiency and reliability.
* The three-segment drive shaft is applied and the front drive shaft adopts the flexible connection to reduce the impact on drive shaft and improve the drive reliability.

Description Unit Parameter value  
Wheel base mm 3450  
Tread mm 2360  
Dump clearance at maximum lift mm 3515  
Reach at maximum lift mm 1388  
Height of hinge at maximum lift height mm 4780  
Working height(fully lifted) mm 6560  
Overall machine dimension L×W×H mm 9455×3430×3630  
Rated operating load kg 7000  
Bucket capacity 6  
Machine weight kg 25500  
Max.breakout force kN 150  
Max.horse power kN 220  
Lifting time of boom s ≤6.5  
Total cycle time s ≤11  
Minimum turning radius (at tire center) mm 5920  
Articulation angle ° ±40  
Gradeability ° 28  
Tyre size   26.5R25  
EngineModel   WD12G310E221  
Rated Power/Speed kW/rpm 226/2100  
Travel Speed I-gear(F/R) km/h 7/7  
II-gear(F/R) km/h 12.7/12.7  
III-gear(F/R) km/h 27/27  
Ⅳ-gear(F) km/h 38  

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