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XCMG XS183J 18 Ton Single Drum Vibratory Road Roller Compactor Machine

XCMG XS183J 18 Ton Single Drum Vibratory Road Roller Compactor Machine

XCMG Factory Hot Sale XS183J 18 Ton Single Drum Vibratory Road Roller Compactor Machine Price for Sale
XS183J vibratory roller is a highly efficient and energy-saving super heavy machinery driven single drum vibratory roller inde- pendently developed by XCMG. This product is suitable to the compaction operation of pebbles, sandy soils, moraine soil, blasting rock and clayey soil, as well as the compaction of concrete and stabilized soil base materials in various large projects. It is the ideal compaction equipment for the construction of high-grade highways, airports, harbors, dams and industrial construction sites. 

* The Shangchai China-Ill SC7H turbo electrically controlled diesel engine is adopted to increase and decrease the rotating speed, so as to achieve the best fuel consumption working area and reduce the comprehensive fuel consumption. The low-speed diesel engine reduces noise emission and enhances the leakproofness of the whole engine to reduce noise. 

* Optimized transmission system matching to achieve the best compaction speed and increase the efficiency by 8%. 

* The vibration damping device with combined stiffness is adopted in the cab and frame, multidimensional reduction of cab vibration, significantly improves the working comfort of the operator. 

* Scientific and reasonable air duct design, the air conditioning system radiates heat independently to ensure sufficient air intake and improve the heat dissipation ability comprehensively, ensuring efficient operation of power system. 

* Using the Hachi gear box with synchro mesh unit to realize convenient operation. 

* Optimized vibration parameters, reliability and work quality is greaty improved. 

* The Chinese initiative throttle clutch linkage system is adopted to greatly improve the reliability of clutch system.

Product Paramenters
Type Unit XS183J
Operating weight kg 18000
Load applied on front drum kg 9000
Compacting width mm 2300
Static linear load N/cm 422
Vibration frequency(Low/High) Hz 28
Nominal amplitude(High/Low) mm 1.9/0.95
Exiting force(High/Low) KN 320/160
Travel speed km/h 2.54~10.51
Steering angle ° ±33
Swing angle ° ±11
Theoretical gradeability % 50
Min. Outer turning radius mm 6500
Engine model   Shangchai
Engine power kw 115
Hydraulic oil tank capacity L 170
Fuel tank capacity L 310
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