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XCMG Official 30ton Pneumatic rubber tire road roller XP303

XCMG Official 30ton Pneumatic rubber tire road roller XP303

XCMG Official 30ton Pneumatic rubber tire road roller XP303 for sale

XP303 pneumatic tire roller is a large-tonnage pneumatic tire roller produced according to market requirements, which will take pneumatic tires as working device for compacting paved materials. The pneumatic tire roller is mainly applicable for compacting operation of asphalt pavement, foundation layer, secondary foundation layer, dam and flling engineering. It is an ideal set of compacting equipment for building high grade highway, airport, port, dam and industrial construction site. 

* SC7H180.2G3 electronic control diesel engine has the advantages of high reliability, fuel economy and low noise. Its emission should meet standard in national III stage. 

* Transmission system comprises torque converter, power shift transmission, drive axle, axle, chain and rear wheel. Adopt torque converter with continuously variable transmission as well as power shift transmission, and make roller have automatic adaptability, improving transmission stability in compaction, and guarantee the diesel engine to normally work under rated condition. 

* Dual-circuit brake technology has higher brake effect, fast response speed, short brake distance and higher reliability. Guarantee safety of the whole machine, and it is particularly applicable for working in mountainous area. 

* The machine uses the box type integral frame, each part of the body is designed with access hole and overturned cover board to facilitate maintenance and curing of each component. 

* Front four and rear five tires layout is adopted. All tires are installed with scrapers for cleaning adhesive materials on the tire reads. The grounding specific pressure can be adjusted in the range of 200kPa ~ 470kPa, good compaction uniformity.
Product Paramenters

Item Unit XP303
Maximum operating mass kg 30300
Compaction width mm 2360
Overlapping of tyres mm 65
Ground pressure kPa 200-545
Minimum turning radius mm 7620
Swing quantity of front wheel mm 50
Minimum ground clearance mm 300
Theoretical gradeability % 20
Wheel base mm 3840
Travel speed Gear I km/h 0-8
Gear II km/h 0-17
Engine Type - SC7H180.2G3
Rated power kw 132
Rated speed r/min 1800
Rated fuel consumption rate g/kw.h ≤233
Tyre specification - 13/80-20
Tyre tread pattern - Smooth tread
Number of tyres - Front4 rear 5
Length(standard water sprinkler) mm 4925
Length(standard oil sprinkler) mm 5015
Width mm 2530
Height mm 3470
Diesel tank volume L 170
Water tank volume L 650
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