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XCMG original manufacturer XP203 20 ton road roller/pneumatic tire roller

XCMG original manufacturer XP203 20 ton road roller/pneumatic tire roller

XCMG original manufacturer XP203 20 ton road roller

XP203 pneumatic tire roller is self-propelled static roller, which is applicable to compacted asphalt pavement, foundation layer, secondary foundation layer and flling engineering and is the indispensable compaction equipment of road construction and water conservancy construction. In particular, compaction of asphalt surface course of highways can obtain compaction effect that other compaction machinery cannot reach. 

* Shangchai SC4H type diesel engine with power of 86KW, speed of 1800r/min, in compliance with China's non road Stage ll emission regulations, greatly improved the fuel economy. 

* Pavement layer will be compacted by special pneumatic tire. It will not damage compaction materials. Flexible compacting function of tire can make compaction material obtain dense pavement surface course. 

* Ground pressure of the tire can be regulated by decreasing or increasing balance weight and changing inflation pressure of tire to enhance compaction performance and enlarge the scope of application; compacted sandy soil, composite soil and clay soil can obtain good compaction effect to avoid false compaction phenomenon. 

* Full hydraulic steering, air-assist hydraulic brake and multi-gear shifting transmission system are utilized, fast and flexible. It is more convenient for transfer between construction sites. 

* Front wheel swing mechanism will be adopted. When the roller is working on unleveled ground, the uniform wheel pressure grounding can be guaranteed and unleveled part of compacted materials can be compacted uniformly.

Product Paramenters

Item Unit XP203
Maximum operating mass kg 20000
Ground pressure kPa 200~ 400
Travel speed Gear I km/h 4
Gear II km/h 8.3
Gear II km/h 17.5
Theoretical gradeability % 20
Minimum turning radius mm 7330
Minimum ground clearance mm 260
Compaction width mm 2250
Overlapped volume of roller mm 45
Tires Specification   11.00-20
Quantity   Front 4 rear 5
Engine Type   SC4H115.4G2B
Rated power kw 86
Fuel consumption g/kw.h ≤205
Total length mm 4800
Total width mm 2356
Total height mm 3330
Diesel tank volume L 150
Water tank volume L 650
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