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Mechanical vibratory:SR14M-2

Mechanical vibratory:SR14M-2

    Rated power: 92kW
    Engine model: "Weichai WP6G125E22"
    Operating weight: 14000kg

The SR14M roller is a heavy vibratory roller that can carry out compacting work on different road and construction projects, through the use of its own weight and vibration force, providing reliable quality and high efficiency. The SR16 can be used with various non-cohesive materials, such as gravel, crushed stone, sand/gravel mixtures, and concrete.

The SR14M Vibratory Roller is equipped with a single-frequency double-amplitude hydraulic vibration system, a fully enclosed cab (with optional AC), an ergonomic control system, a suspension seat, hydraulically articulated steering, and it has a beautiful profile.

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Weights Operating weight(Kg) 14000
Axle load,drum(Kg) 7000
Axle load,wheel(Kg) 7000
Static linear load,(at drum)(N/cm) 332
Drum and Tires Max.Working width(mm) 2110
Drum diameter(mm) 1550
Drum shell thickness(mm) 30
Number of padfeet -
Height of the padfoot(mm) -
Tire size 23.1-26-8PR
Vibratory System Frequency,(HZ) -
High amplitude 30
Low amplitude
Nominal amplitude(mm) -
High 1.73
Low 0.87
Centrifugal force(KN) -
Maximum 272
Minumum 138
Drive Train Forward speed(km/h) 2.5
Reverse speed(km/h) 2.5
Max. Climbing ability(%) 30
Drive system Mechanical
Power Train make&model Weichai WP6G125E22
Type Turbocharged
Fuel Diesel
Cooling Water
Number of cylinders 6
Rated power(kw) 92
Rated speed(rpm) 2200
Electrical System DC,negative ground(V) 24
Alterntor(V,A) 28V,53A
Batteries -
Brakes Service brake Pressurized air braking 
Parking brake spring-loaded/ mechanical
Steering Steering system Oscillatiing, articulating
Steering method Hydrostatic
Steering angle(Grad) ±36°
Oscillating angle(Grad) ±12°
Machine Dimensions Overall length(mm) 6085
Overall width(mm) 2315
Overall height(mm) 3211
Miscellaneous Min. Turning radius(mm) 6100
Fuel capacity(L) 300