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Full hydraulic vibratory:SR26-5

Full hydraulic vibratory:SR26-5

    Rated power: 160kW
    Engine model: CUMMINS 6CTAA8.3-C215
    Operating weight: 26000kg

These rollers are all born of a rich history in research and development at Shantui. Though a much more simple machine than Shantui’s hallmark bulldozers, rollers tend to focus more on such differentiating factors as the vibratory technology, user controls and comfort, and also exterior design,at all of which Shantui excels. In fact,Shantui researchers on this product line
have long focused on the overall crucial factor of the machine’s longevity.
It shows, as Shantui rollers are besting the competition in China, and now making a name for themselves abroad.
The more inviting exterior designs and cabin ergonomics of Shantui rollers help create greater creature comforts and ease of controls for the operator.
This leads to getting more work done in a shorter amount of time.
Shantui’s Big Daddy roller, which can handle large projects such as dams, berms, ports and more.
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Weights Operating weight(Kg) 26000
Axle load,drum(Kg) 17000
Axle load,wheel(Kg) 9000
Static linear load,(at drum)(N/cm) 794
Drum and Tires Max.Working width(mm) 2140
Drum diameter(mm) 1600
Drum shell thickness(mm) 40
Number of padfeet -
Height of the padfoot(mm) -
Tire size 20.5-25-16PR
Vibratory System Frequency,(HZ) -
High amplitude 28
Low amplitude 32
Nominal amplitude(mm) -
High 1.8
Low 1.1
Centrifugal force(KN) -
Maximum 420
Minumum 300
Drive Train Forward speed(km/h) 0-4
Reverse speed(km/h) 0-4
Max. Climbing ability(%) 45
Drive system Hydrostatic
Power Train make&model CUMMINS 6CTAA8.3-C215
Type Turbocharged
Fuel Diesel
Cooling Water
Number of cylinders 6
Rated power(kw) 160
Rated speed(rpm) 2200
Electrical System DC,negative ground(V) 24
Alterntor(V,A) 28V,70A
Batteries -
Brakes Service brake Hydrostatic
Parking brake spring-loaded/mechanical
Steering Steering system Oscillatiing, articulating
Steering method Hydrostatic
Steering angle(Grad) ±36°
Oscillating angle(Grad) ±10°
Machine Dimensions Overall length(mm) 6501
Overall width(mm) 3151
Overall height(mm) 2562
Miscellaneous Min. Turning radius(mm) 6000
Fuel capacity(L) 380